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World's Safest Trading System

Basic Signals 3.0 is a trading bot made exclusively for $1 stablecoins

It analyzes stablecoin market fluctuations 24/7 and trades automatically with advanced AI

You earn new coins daily and accumulate money safely

Why use Basic Signals 3.0?

Basic Signals 3.0 is the most efficient crypto trading software for steady returns.
You get daily trade returns the safest way.

Robust trading technology

Trading $1 stablecoins is reliable, safe and highly profitable. No more losing trades, money management nor bag holding. Trading is not a source of stress anymore.

Simplicity at its finest

Minimalist system because performance is all that matters to our users. Plug and play solution, setup can be completed in 2 minutes without complicated settings.

How Does It Works?

Basic Signals 3.0 connects to your exchange account to place winning trades automatically.
No prior trading experience is required.

1. Create an account

Sign up to Basic Signals 3.0 today and get 30 days free trial.

2. Connect to exchange

Connect exchange via closed-secured trading API to perform trades on your behalf.

3. Make daily profits

Get daily winning trades profits from powerful AI trading strategy.

Currently integrated with Stabletown, Binance exchange trading platform is coming next.

Transparent pricing

Affordable. No hidden fees.

1 Month

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  • Unlimited Trades
  • Stablecoins AI Trade Strategies
  • General Support

12 Months

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  • Unlimited Trades
  • Stablecoins AI Trade Strategies
  • General Support

Not sure what's better for you?

You can start for free and decide later what plan better suites your needs. By picking any of the pay plans you'll get 30 days free trial.

A vision endorsed by our users

We understand you want a ready-made solution and expect fast results. You can setup Basic Signals 3.0 in 2 minutes and make your first profits today. You shouldn't have to lose time figuring out how a crypto bot works.

Frequently Asked Questions

Basic signals started as a trading signal telegram channel providing accurate calls for placing trades on stablecoins. We got so many subscribers that we understood immediately people were waiting for a solution to make profits without typical trading risk. Basic Signals 3.0, a solution to automate stablecoin trades was born.
We are definitely the safest crypto trading solution you can find for multiple reasons. We take security seriously and our whole concept is about trading without losing any money. First we trade exclusively stablecoins, coins with $1 value so the risk of losing money in a trade is ridiculously low. Then we operate on an exchange who doesn't allow withdrawals through its API system, so your funds are 100% secure.
No deposits are needed because we don’t store any coins for you. We do not takeover your exchange account, Basic Signals only perform trades on your behalf. You always keep full control of your funds, and you withdraw and deposit whenever you want on your exchange account.
There is no minimum capital.
Definitely, YES. Stablecoin trading is recommended to people who want solid returns but do not want the risks associated with volatile markets.

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